Tuesday, June 5, 2007

'Dillocon Writers Workshop

I, along with Patrice Sarath, am running the Armadillocon 29 Writers Workshop this year. The deadline for registering is June 30, with the workshop being held Aug. 10. Workshop registration also includes full admission to the convention. The following professional authors and editors will be participating as instructors:
  • Sharyn November, Editor Guest of Honor
  • Louise Marley, Author Guest of Honor
  • Julie Kenner, author of the wildly popular "demon hunter soccer mom series" and The Good Ghoul’s Guide to Getting Even
  • K.D. Wentworth, author of Black on Black and The Course of Empire, also Writers of the Future coordinating judge
  • Wendy Wheeler, Austin author and screenwriter
  • Steven Wilson, co-editor of RevolutionSF and Space Squid
  • Matthew Bey, co-editor of RevolutionSF and Space Squid
  • Patrice Sarath, Austin author
  • Jayme Lynn Blaschke, No Fear of the Future contributor

There are several other pending instructors as well, including the singular Chris Nakashima-Brown and Jessica Reisman. The ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop has become a major event for aspiring SF/F writers. On the Friday of the convention, participants will have the opportunity to have their work critiqued by major pro editors and writers. Breakout sessions will cover craft, markets, the dos and don’ts of preparing your work for professional publication, and more. Discussions range from the basics of grammar and style to plot, theme, character, and setting.

Participants will get an in-depth critique of your work from the teacher or teachers in their group as well as from their peers. This roundtable style critique session is invaluable for learning what works, what doesn’t and how to edit.

Again, that deadline is June 30. More information can be found at Armadillocon 29 Writers Workshop.

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