Saturday, August 11, 2007

More pithy one-liners than the law allows

So day one of Armadillocon is over and turned out to be a pretty fun one at that. The writers workshop had good quality manuscripts (from my perspective, at least) and the structural changes Patrice and I implemented appear to have alleviated some of the "Bataan Death March" syndrome experienced in the past and left the participants fresher for the evening's programming. And Sharyn November arrived not nearly so late as she could have, missing a critique of just one of our group and promptly scheduling a make-up session with that writer for Sunday. Everyone was happy. Yay.

Saw too many people and had too many interesting conversations to relate here at this late hour, but my evening panel "Group Blogging" proved to be a blast. Some genius decided to toss the contributors of No Fear of the Future together with those nut jobs from Eat Our Brians and see what happens. Well, lots of smart-assery happens, that's what. And the truth finally came out that Steve Gould, the diseased mind behind EOB approached many of the writers on my short list for NFOTF at World Fantasy last year shortly before I approached said writers to participate in this here blog, resulting in a surreal, skiffy Comedy of Errors. Actually, it was nothing so Shakespearean, but it did a good job of making me look like a goob and everyone else on the panel sage as magi in comparison.


Above we have EOB contributors Steve Gould and Caroline Spector, with NFOTF's in-house Encyclopedia Brown stand-in, Jess Nevins. All of them are smarter and more quotable than yours truly, by the way.


And here is the rest of the panel, starting with Maureen McHugh and Brad Denton of EOB, and the incomparable Chris Nakashima-Brown from NFOTF. All of whom are more attractive and more talented than yours truly (but I suspect that goes without saying). Tomorrow should prove to be interesting, as I have my daughter's swim meet to attend in the morning before trekking back up Austin way for several panels and assorted shenanigans, some of which involves home brew beer.

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