Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Setting Creationism and Science Straight!

I bring this on myself. I know I do. I see controversial issues pitting science against creationism, and related headline-grabbers, and I have to vent. It's an issue that's near and dear to my heart. So it shouldn't surprise me that after posting on such topics, lunatic messages such as this find their way into my inbox.
A new brand of creationism, which creationists and secular science
are not familiar with is "Biblical Reality", which is better known as
the "Observations of Moses".

This "Old Earth" brand of creationism puts forth the view that
combines a seven 24-hr day week of original creation (Exodus 20:11),
with a separate "six 12-hr days of revelation" given to Moses
(Genesis 1:2 – 2:3). The pseudo discrepancy between the "sixth day"
in Genesis chapter one and in chapter two is explained as chapter two
being the beginning of modern mankind (Adam & Eve), and chapter
one as being an earlier species of prehistoric mankind in an earlier
restoration period, more than 60 million years ago.

Biblical Reality is defined as the "ordained marriage" of Biblical
Truth, and Scientific Reality. Think of Biblical Truth as historical,
present, or future data (information) that has been given to us by
the words written in the Bible, or what we shall call "The Printed
Word of God". It is events which took place in the past, that we may
not presently be able to confirm outside of the Bible.

Scientific Reality is defined as "That which has been discovered and
analyzed to be of true historical existence. That which has been
observed to be a real occurrence or phenomena, whether or not it
can be explained." For example, the discoveries of the extinctions
of life on Earth in what has been determined to be 245 Million BC
(dimetrodons) and 65 Million BC (dinosaurs) is accepted as Scientific

Biblical Reality teaches that there are no "creation accounts" in
Genesis, and that "Moses Didn't Write About Creation!". What
is actually being said is "Moses wrote about multiple restorations".
Before the advent of "Biblical Reality", no faction of creationism
could explain both the "first day" of Moses and the "Fourth Day",
all being 24-hr days, without either denying literal interpretation or
"redefining" the scriptures.

The "six days of Moses" in Genesis chapter one are actually six
consecutive (12 hour) days in 1598 BC that God revealed to Moses
(on Mt. Sinai) from the ancient past. Each day was from the first
week of each of seven different geological eras in "biblical order".
The only day of Creation Week which Moses saw was the
"Fourth Day". Creation Week was 168 hours, in 4.6 Billion BC,
according to the geologist.

My head hurts just trying to parse that gibberish. I suppose the fact that this nonsense finds its way to me isn't what I find so surprising--it's the fact that in this day and age there exist a sect of people still intent on sniffing model glue after all that well-documented evidence such acts destroy brain cells by the bazillions. And then, having undergone said chemically-induced lobotomies, these geniuses are compelled to write about their insights.

And if the sender of the above missive is reading this, yes, I am mocking you.


Herman Cummings said...


Yes, I'm reading your comments.
Allow me to also offer the following:

After all is said and done, by both believers and non-believers, the
book "Moses Didn't Write About Creation!", is the only book ever
written that is congruent with the "first day" of Moses (24 hrs), the
"Fourth Day" of Moses (24 hrs), and the geologic record of prehistoric
Earth, reconciling with the fossil record. It promotes the doctrine of
"Biblical Reality". (ISBN-13: 978-1424182206, PublishAmerica.com).

Herman Cummings
PO Box 1745
Fortson GA, 31808

agnosis said...

It's stuff like this that's caused me to give up on religion altogether. Everyone has an opinion and a belief that's different from everyone else's opinions and beliefs - and they all use the same 'evidence' to support their differing beliefs. Could be someone out there is actually right, but I don't think there's any way to know for sure. And frankly, I'm tired of the hypocrisy and everything that goes with it.