Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ciencia Ficción y Literatura en Oaxaca

See you this Friday night in Oaxaca, where I have the good fortune to join my friends and colleagues the Mexican writers Bef (Bernardo Fernández), Gerardo Sifuentes and Pepe Rojo for a talk about SF and literature at the Proveedora Escolar bookstore: "Libros para Todos."

The wonderful flyer for the event reminds me to ask: did they check Spock's papers? What about Kal El, Katar Hol, and J'onn J'onzz? Why are our American fantastic fictions so rife with illegal (space) aliens hiding in plain sight? Maybe we all secretly identify with the feeling of being a clandestine outsider at risk of discovery? With the notion that the idea of national origin is an illusory fiction? Or at least a socio-political construct deserving of rigorous interrogation? Are they going to deport Edward Snowden back to his home planet? Maybe he will meet us in Oaxaca?

Pretty good discussion of this issue in the context of Superman comics right here.

What does your Declaration of Independence look like?

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