Friday, January 19, 2007

Still missing

Some imagined sightings of Johnny Gosch, Missing Paper Boy and forgotten icon of the American imagination

• January 8, 1990, 12:41 pm: Standing against the wall of an airport terminal in Cozumel, Mexico.

• August 27, 1983, 3:57 pm: Emerging from the bathroom of a service station on Highway 668, east of Phoenix.

• September 5, 1982, 4:20 pm: Peering out of the rear window of a rusted and worn white Ford Econoliner van traveling north on 86th Street, Clive, Iowa.

• June 10, 1993, 9:35 am: Sitting in front of an abandoned Stuckey's outside Cape Girardeau, Missouri, drinking water.

• October 19, 1986, 6:15 am: Shuffling down Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, wearing tight jeans and an olive green windbreaker.

• July 15, 1994, 4:00 pm: Raking sand trap, Hole 17, Royal Melbourne Country Club, Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

• December 20, 1987, 10:00-11:17 pm: Appearing as "Johnny (School Boy Number 3)" in "The Dead Paper Boys Society," Aetherium Theatre, 44th & Broadway, New York City.

• October 28, 1984, 7:40 pm: Hitchiking, westbound shoulder, Route 40, mile marker 172, State of Nevada.

• February 3, 1985, 10:11 am: Sorting novelty devices wrapped in blister-packs, back room, "The Secret" magic shop, Merle Hay Mall, Douglas Avenue, Urbandale, Iowa.

(For one elaborate and insane theory of this secret history of middle America, read this)

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