Monday, March 2, 2009

Diamonds in the Sky

Now available on the Web is a new anthology of astronomy-based science fiction funded by the National Science Foundation and edited by astronomer and science fiction writer Mike Brotherton. Here's how Mike describes the Diamonds in the Sky project:

"If you’re looking for free science fiction stories featuring a range of astronomical facts and mind-blowing concepts, you’ve found the right place. This collection was pitched to the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a way of doing some public outreach and as a potential resource for astronomy teachers. Thanks to NSF funding and our contributors, editors, and web designer you can now read Diamonds in the Sky. Enjoy!"

My contribution, first published in Analog Science Fiction Magazine in the 1990's and re-edited for Diamonds in the Sky, explores radio astronomy. In "The Listening-Glass" I move the Arecibo Observatory's big dish to the Moon, but the test run of the Lunar radio telescope does not go as planned!

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