Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to the party

Well over a week since our own Chris Nakashima-Brown alerted the world to the zombie menace in Austin, MSNBC wades into the fray. Cutting-edge, those folks are. The latest insightful contribution from corporate mediadom: "Pranks with electronic road signs stir worry." Uh, right. If the AP starts holding a contest for "most uninspired headline writer" my money's on this guy.
COLLINSVILLE, Illinois - Hackers are messing with electronic road signs in some U.S. states, warning of zombies and raptors down the road. Traffic safety officials aren't amused.

The latest breach came during Tuesday morning's rush hour near Collinsville, Illinois, east of St. Louis. That's where hackers changed a sign along southbound Interstate 255 to read, "DAILY LANE CLOSURES DUE TO ZOMBIES."

Seeing as how these zombies are local to Collinsville, one can only assume (hope) that they're Native American zombies, rising up from the nearby Cahokia Mounds, which was once a thriving city of some 20,000 inhabitants at a time when London and Paris were muddy, disease-riddled bumps in the road. Seriously, who wouldn't want to see an army of Native zombies cross the river and scale the Gateway Arch?

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