Sunday, May 31, 2009

Raytheon needs Cyber Ninjas

The age of hackers with security clearances has officially arrived:

NYT: CYBERWAR: Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for the United States

At a Raytheon facility here south of the Kennedy Space Center, a hub of innovation in an earlier era, rock music blares and empty cans of Mountain Dew pile up as engineers create tools to protect the Pentagon’s computers and crack into the networks of countries that could become adversaries. Prizes like cappuccino machines and stacks of cash spur them on, and a gong heralds each major breakthrough.

And at Dallas-based Raytheon Cybersecurity Solutions, they're hiring:

Information Security Solutions is Hiring Cyber Professionals

Raytheon Information Security Solutions, which helps protect the nation’s critical infrastructures and networks, has more than 150 positions open for engineers, information security professionals and business development managers.

We call these employees our cyber professionals, those who exercise their dexterity and hand-eye coordination through tackling complex cyber security problems, and build their biceps lifting Red Bull and Mountain Dew cans hundreds of times a day to fight the digital cyber war.

The jobs are in a variety of locations, including:

Linthicum/Fort Meade, Md.
Melbourne, Fla.
Northern Virginia (various locations)
Garland, Texas

Relocation assistance may be available.

Positions include:

Information Operations/Information Assurance– cyber professionals
Software engineers/developers – JAVA/J2EE/, JAVA/XML, C++
FPGA expertise
Software security engineers
Test engineers
Software testers
Systems administrators - Linux, Solaris, Unix, Red Hat, VMware (Certifications are preferred)
Systems engineers - CNO, CNA, CNE, NOC, Requirements management
Network and security engineers - CISSP
Cyber and information security
Program management
Capture management
Business development
Vulnerability assessment engineers
Intrusion detection engineers
Information systems security engineers
Certification and accreditation engineers
Project managers - information systems
Oracle/Sybase database administrators
Web developers (HTML, Java)
Help desk
Data modeling engineers
Technical writers
Reverse engineers
Kernel developers
Secure network engineers
System integrators engineers
Configuration management - ClearCase/ClearQuest
Deployment engineers
Media sanitation specialists
Site security specialist - IT focused
Former military personnel

A variety of security clearance levels are required for these positions, up to a TS/SCI clearance with a fullscope polygraph.


Jason Brezinski said...

Linthicum/Fort Meade, Md.
that's the NSA

Melbourne, Fla.

Northern Virginia (various locations)
That's the CIA

Garland, Texas
What miltech spookshow is in Garland?

Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

Lockheed Martin?