Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year's Greeting from the Necromancers

Courtesy of Dr. Tesanovic's Gramscian missives from exile, here's your opportunity to experience Azzam the American, aka Adam Gadahn, Al Qaeda's SoCal-raised spokesman (apparently the first American to be indicted for treason since 1952), chanting and lecturing "An Invitation for Reflection and Repentance." Like a public access talk show from a post-9/11 Videodrome reality. The whole rant is 30 minutes, but if you just stay for the introductory song (sorry, no Doc Severinsen) it will likely be sufficient to brand your gray matter for the rest of the year.

Karnak failed to predict that in the future, Gandalf-like mujahideen mind lords would have their own Paul Harvey broadcasts from their secret mountain lairs in Central Asia. Complete, as the keen eyes at Danger Room note, with a coffee cup bearing the logo of As Sabah, the Jihadi answer to The 700 Club. In a world where Blackwater sells its own logoed teddy bears, how long before AQ starts peddling pledge drive tote bags?

Too bad it's not a call-in show, where some crank like me can say, Adam, dude, what about the Black Stone?

(Meanwhile, over at Stratfor, Austin's favorite open source spooks are declaring America has met the victory conditions of this postmodern Avalon Hill game.)


Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

Reality is quickly outstripping Mr. Nakashima-Brown's ability to parody it via skiffy satire. The mind boggles.

JoyGirl Commando said...

If his parents had invested in speech therapy and fat camp little Adam might have had a very different future.

Casey Serin said...

Adam Gadahn is a gay man... not that there's anything wrong with that!!