Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Unread Books

At The Telegraph, English writers come clean about the canonical books books they are ashamed to admit they have never read. And so, in many cases, just fake it.

Video link:

Science fictional analogs? Where to begin...


Lola said...

I hope I'm like the lady at the end and I eventually get to read all the books I want. It makes me amazingly upset to think I'll die without getting through my "to-read" list.

I just typed some very incriminating evidence to back up the idea that English majors bull shit their way through a lot of classes. However I'm going to plead the fifth because I don't want to give away my secrets. Also funny is that I'm going to make the best professor ever because I'm the worst student ever. I should blog about that.

Christopher Brown said...

It would be nice, but then again knowing there are more books on the list is one of the great things to look forward to. As full English major b.s., it is the fuel that sustains the life of the world!