Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day

On this somber holiday, consider an alternate present from painter Sandow Birk -- The Liberation of Baghdad.

(High res PDF here.)


Dave Hardy said...

Absolutely brilliant. The irony may be just a bit too understated for American jingoist lunkheads, but straight-faced sincerity is a sine qua non in this kind of Dada kunstkrieg.

Reminds me very much of Laibach and NSK.

Christopher Brown said...

Laibach. That's new to me, Dave -- way cool. Where's a good place to start?

Dave Hardy said...

The Anthems album is a very good cross section of their work from early art-noise to smooth 21st century agit-pop. I recommend that as the best starting point.

They have quite a discography. Early works like The Occupied Europe Tour and MB December 21 capture their proto-industrial sound. Lots of Josip Broz samples to be found.

Let It Be is middle Laibach: a complete reimagining of the Beatles last album. Sympathy for the Devil and Life is Life date from around then: superlative, Volkish, bruitalistic covers of Western pop-faves. If they ever united with Paris Hilton, we would not stand a chance.

Jesus Christ Superstars is a heavy-metal exploration of religion. Listen to it on 11. NATO was their response to the war in Bosnia. It's a very good album, though I think the horror is almost understated. WAT is Laibach in it's most modern glory, post 9-11. It's a lot less cover driven, or at least the satiric re-purposing of covers is more thorough.

Those are the main albums I've listened to.

You should check out the essays and early interviews (a real scream)on It is the site for the Neue Slowenische Kunst collective (Laibach is the propaganda arm). It's an art collective with its own global state. They issue passports too.