Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Uppity Problem

That's a good speech, especially for an actual politician. To have written himself.

The sudden proliferation of white talking heads expressing shock that anyone would tolerate a black preacher suggesting there is anything wrong with America is the best support for his view that preacher could ever have hoped for. With each utterance of solipsistic condescension, they further undermine the credibility of their own fantasy of a color-blind America. Perhaps this will represent some kind of birth pang toward that utopian aspiration, as we enter the century in which mixed race citizens (which, of course, we all really are, you know, unless we're from Iceland or something) are ascendant.

In the meantime, a science fictional proposal: that Lou Dobbs wake up as a negro, live that way for a year, and then wake up in his new home in a Chihuahuan pueblo, with the coyote calling his name.

See also: Wisconsin Reality Tour -- "Do you have to look like Lou Dobbs to have a voice in the immigration debate?"

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