Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scary Thoughts

My mother, who lives in Assisted Living, tells me that they had little school kids today helping the residents decorate pumpkins. Mom's pumpkin got a makeover from a first-grade girl who carefully drew features and hair (!) and then made dots all over the pumpkin. Mom thought this must be a new trend in Jack-O-Lanterns, but the little girl explained, "It has chicken pox."
One of the most inventive Halloween costumes I've ever seen was about a dozen years ago when a biochemist friend of mine showed up at a party as the AIDs virus. She explained how the details of the costume matched the structure of the virus - and added that it seemed more sporting to dress up as something that people are actually afraid of. True, and this year maybe somebody will come up with costumes for Global Economic Crisis and Hurricane Ike.

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