Friday, January 23, 2009

Post-apocalyptic Friday funnies

At AMC's Sci-Fi Dept, a very funny short video on post-apocalyptic cinema, including interviews with members of the Brooklyn-based Freebird Books post-apocalyptic book club, who have found the perfect industrial wasteland in which to convene their meetings. If you've read The Road, you have to watch this all the way through to the end.

Also, note the prominent inclusion in the video of the New York Review of Books Classics' beautiful new printing of John Wyndham's The Chrysalids, with an excellent introduction by Christopher Priest. No on my shelf, half-read and highly recommended. See also their recent reprint of Priest's mind-blowing The Inverted World, with afterword by John Clute. How nice to see our best literate intellectual press putting out quality sf side by side with the rest of the 21st century canon! Go encourage them by buying one!

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