Monday, April 27, 2009

Actively deny *this*

Don't worry. It's non-lethal.

At Danger Room, recap of the GAO report on the above-pictured Active Denial System pain ray and other non-lethal and non-fiscally viable next generation weapons programs. Soon to be used at a Mexican border near you.

Even less lethal, and maybe even pleasurable, Subterranean Press just announced its publication of the Collected Stories of Lew Shiner. Pre-order your copy today!


Jason Brezinski said...

when's a nakashima-brown story collection coming out?

Derek Johnson said...

I heard about the Shiner collection yesterday. Completely awesome. Lew has been one of my favorites, and one of my primary influences, since I read "Twilight Time" in Dozois's Year's Best in 1984. Four years later, Deserted Cities of the Heart blew my mind.

Christopher Brown said...

Jason --

I'm working on it! Thanks for the support. Pass the word along to your favorite SF small press...

-- Chris