Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Really Alternative Cinema: the return

Sorry I haven't been around much lately: my wife and I bought a science fiction bookshop last year, and between that and teaching and other commitments, I've had very little time for writing. I started a review of Alternities in January for the 'Lost Books' series, but haven't even had time to re-read it to make sure I have the names correct.

Needless to say, I haven't wasted what little time I have reading any of the Twilight books (though I have sold a disturbing number of them), nor have I seen the movie... but it did just occur to me to wonder what the movie might have been like if the studio's greenlight guys had given the job of adapting the novel to devotees not of Stephenie Meyer, but of Russ Meyer.*

Now, that's something I want to explore if/when I get some writing time again. Watch this space!

* Stranger things do happen in Hollywood. After all, Akiva Goldsman is still being hired to adapt comics and sf novels.

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Christopher Brown said...

Stephen, great to see you, you need to tell us more about starting up your own sf bookshop, especially in the current climate. Kudos!