Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Futurismic on Fast Forward 2

Futurismic has a wonderful Paul Raven review of Fast Forward 2 up today. Paul declares his admiration for every story in the book, and has these kind words to share about my piece:

“The Sun Also Explodes” by Chris Nakashima-Brown has a blasé sun-soaked pace to it that really brings its louche artist characters to life; like a po-mo bohemian story set in a contemporary art community, it’s all about ambition and personal vision, love and hate and people politics, and that striving for personal transcendence in one’s work while still trying to chase after something that will pay the bills. Throw in some just-around-the-corner technology, genetics, body-modding and prosthetics, and you’ve got something like a slow-paced but permanent Burning Man parked atop a near-future mesa. I don’t know what it says about me, but I’d quite like to live there…

Futurismic has been putting up great content every day for a long time, and is well worth your attention if you are not reading it already.

Last year, they ran my crazy media-jamming revolutionaries story, R.P.M. I love these guys.

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