Wednesday, December 10, 2008


People in Houston get so excited about snow around Christmas. Christmas of 2004 was white with snow on the ground and people are still enthusing about it. A Messiah Sing-along last year was adorned by a small plot of *actual* snow, about four feet square, marked off by tape.

Tonight fluffy flakes are swirling down out of the early night sky. I'm at Fondren library where I work near the back door, and there are new happy shrieks and laughter each time someone leaves the building and discovers the snow out there.

Snowsnowsnowsnowsnow! Students have been coming in out of the snow to check out study rooms with snowflakes still stuck to their coats and hats.

Truly, a small to moderate amount of snow is delightful precipitation. Much more congenial than floods, tornadoes, and ice storms, all of which we get more frequently than snow; far better than hurricanes like the one that rolled over Houston and Galveston three months ago. Best of all: snow this particular Christmas holiday season.

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