Monday, September 20, 2010

Demise of the UFO

If you remember the guys I found watching UFOs out in Hyde Park, well, they've posted a new video from last week.

HardmanChris is right, it doesn't look at all like an airplane.

The thing is, at 8:33 that Wednesday, over in Austin, I was hustling the Cryptopolis writing group outdoors so they could catch a glimpse of the International Space Station. It was about as bright as it gets that night, about as bright as Jupiter.

For anyone who hasn't seen an ISS flyover, you should check out and enter in your exact geographic coordinates (which is fairly easy to do with the help of Googlemaps). You can probably catch a couple ISS flyovers a week without standing around watching the sky every night.

There's actually quite a lot of youtube videos of the ISS that look virtually identical to HardmanChris's UFO videos, and the observers express hardly less wonder and amazement.

So, do I have the moral obligation to tell HardmanChris he's spent the last two years of his life videotaping the International Space Station? Is he likely to believe me? Is a delusional faith justified if it makes you feel special?

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game writer guy said...

is the ISS where the Superfriends convene? Or is it Nick Fury's pad? I can't remember.